Susan Dolinar

Susan walked through our door and as soon as we met her we knew she was the perfect fit!

With her personality, customer service and her passion to travel she is a great asset to the team at Cavalier Tours.

She grew up in Bedford County on a large farm in Moneta, Virginia, as part of a big family. She graduated from The College of William & Mary in 1988 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. After college, she took part in the corporate world as a Business development Manager for Nabisco and District Manager for Kraft foods for 13 years. Afterwards, she followed her passion for great food and hospitality and opened "At Home Gourmet" in Lynchburg for 14 years, taking care of many families and corporate clients. Susan has traveled to Europe- Italy, Sicily, Germany, Malta, loved cruising to Alaska and the Caribbean Islands! She and her husband Jim enjoyed the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Hawaii was one of their favorite destinations and her goal is to visit Ireland and the UK next!

Susan's view on traveling...

"It's such a gift to be able to experience a different area and then come home with a new appreciation of your home."

Allow Susan Dolinar to plan your next experience!



Contact Susan today at:

Telephone # 434-237-8087

Email: susan.cavaliertours@gmail.com